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Book your Holland America cruise group using our Holland America group specialist, with years of experience selling Holland America groups. Our many advantages save you both time and money while providing a truly carefree vacation where all your needs have been anticipated and provided for. Time and time again, it has been proven that the expertise and knowledge of our Holland America group cruise specialists enhances every aspect of the luxury cruise experience.

Are you looking for a great rate for your Holland America group? Look no further! Holland America Groups specializes in organizing unforgettable group experiences aboard Holland America cruise ships.

If you already have a cruise in mind and have a group of 8 or more cabins, call one of our group specialists now at the toll-free number above to get started. Our Group Specialists are standing by to assist you Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm, Sat 10am to 2pm, U.S. Eastern Time.

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Holland America Line Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who cruises on Holland America Line?

Holland America Line cruisers usually run 50 or older and are evenly split between being retired and employed -- the longer the cruise, the older the demographic and the more retired passengers there are. HAL passengers prioritize travel, and most are experienced cruisers. They tend to be foodies and music-lovers (two things for which HAL prides itself), and most are from the U.S. and Canada, though about 20 percent of the passengers are international, with the U.K. and Australia topping the list.

During the summer and holiday periods, the average age onboard comes down as families, particularly multigenerational groups that include the grandparents and grandkids, take to the ships. This is particularly true of the line's Alaska and Canada/New England itineraries.

Is Holland America's dress code formal?

Not during the day, but most Holland America Line evenings are designated as smart-casual, so swimsuits, flip-flops, shorts and tank tops are not permitted in any of the restaurants. The line does have more formal evenings called Gala Nights calling for more formal attire. Men usually show up in suits /jackets and ties; women usually opt for cocktail dresses or gowns, or dress slacks with fancy blouses.

What is included on Holland America Line cruises?

Your cruise fare includes meals in the main dining room, Lido buffet restaurant, the outdoor Terrace Grill and 24-hour room service (except for some for-charge items); the extensive youth program, Club HAL, is complimentary until 10 p.m. every day. Additionally, access to the fitness center, and most culinary lessons and enrichment lectures, movies, performances and live music are complimentary.

What will cost you extra is all drinks beyond water, tea, basic coffee and some juices; all specialty restaurants; most fitness classes; spa and salon services; shore excursions; gratuities; laundry and purchases from any of the onboard shops.

Passengers cruising in suites get a host of extra privileges and might find that some of the extra-fee options are provided complimentarily.

What activities are popular on Holland America Line's ships?

Passengers onboard Holland America Line's ships love the line's dedication to traditional cruise activities, including afternoon tea and ballroom dancing, but they also flock to the line's newer options. In particular, the line's live music offerings, including BB King's Blues Club, Billboard Onboard, Rolling Stone Rock Room and Lincoln Center Stage, draw a crowd most nights, while the line's culinary demonstrations are usually standing room only. Culinary classes (including some specifically for kids), wine tastings and blendings (on select ships only), and complimentary computer classes fill quickly.

Just as popular for many Holland America Line passengers is relaxing in the line's top-deck Crow's Nest. You'll often find people up there reading a book, putting together a jigsaw puzzle or playing cards or board games.

Why cruise with Holland America Line?

  • Traditional cruising experience with modern touches
  • Impressive, immersive itinerary options, particularly in Alaska
  • Extensive dining options and enrichment programs

So, what, exactly, is a Group Cruise?

Cruise lines usually define a group as having a minimum of 8 double occupancy cabins. Groups of all types find that cruise ships are the easiest and most enjoyable way to travel together. Onboard a modern megaship, your group can enjoy a variety of activities and amenities, from gourmet dining to Broadway-style shows.

Benefits of Booking with Holland America Groups by Cruise Genie

Groups often get the best overall value, particularly when you factor in special group amenities like complimentary wine or champagne, shipboard credits, and private gatherings. Plus, by booking early you get to choose the location of your group's cabins.

The Planning Process

All successful groups have a group leader, and our dedicated group specialists will assist with all the work thereafter, from communicating booking details to coordinating dining requests.

Our Technology Makes It Easy!

Your cruise group specialist will create a personalized web page for your group where participants can get answers to questions about the cruise and even sign up, saving you time and eeffort.

Why Cruise Genie?

Since our founders opened their first travel agency in 1955, we have provided smart travelers with dream vacations and have achieved the highest level of recognition possible from every major travel supplier.

Contact the Cruise Genie Holland America Cruise Group Department today to start planning your next group cruise adventure!

Let's explore how our cruise travel specialists can add value to your vacation:

  1. Extensive Product Knowledge: A cruise travel specialist possesses in-depth knowledge about various cruise lines, ships, itineraries, and destinations. They stay up-to-date with the latest offerings, promotions, and trends in the cruise industry. This wealth of information enables them to offer valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your preferences, ensuring that you choose the cruise that aligns perfectly with your desires.

  2. Time-Saving Expertise: Planning a cruise vacation can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially with the multitude of options available. A cruise travel specialist can efficiently guide you through the decision-making process by presenting you with carefully selected options that match your preferences. Instead of spending hours researching and comparing cruises, you can rely on the expertise of a specialist to provide you with well-curated choices, saving you valuable time.

  3. Cost Savings and Value-added Benefits: Cruise travel specialists often have access to exclusive deals, promotions, and discounts that are not available to the general public. Their strong relationships with cruise lines and industry connections enable them to secure special pricing, onboard credits, cabin upgrades, and additional amenities. By leveraging their network and expertise, they can help you find the best value for your money, maximizing your vacation budget.

  4. Tailored Itinerary Planning: A cruise travel specialist takes the time to understand your travel preferences, interests, and expectations. They can craft a personalized itinerary that includes must-see attractions, unique experiences, and activities that align with your desires. Whether you seek a cultural immersion, adventure-filled excursions, or a relaxing retreat, a specialist can tailor the itinerary to ensure that every aspect of your vacation caters to your specific needs and desires.

  5. Hassle-Free Booking Process: Booking a cruise involves navigating complex reservation systems, coordinating flights, transfers, and arranging pre- and post-cruise accommodations. A cruise travel specialist manages all the logistics on your behalf, ensuring a seamless booking process. They can handle all the necessary arrangements, documentation, and special requests, saving you the hassle and stress associated with organizing a cruise vacation.

  6. Personalized Customer Service: A cruise travel specialist is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. They are dedicated to understanding your preferences, addressing your concerns, and answering any questions you may have. With their guidance, you can make informed decisions and have peace of mind throughout the planning and booking process. During your vacation, a specialist can assist with any unforeseen issues, acting as your advocate and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

It's clear - the expertise of a cruise travel specialist can make a significant difference in your cruise vacation. By leveraging their knowledge, connections, and attention to detail, they save you time and money, while ensuring that all your needs are met and exceeded. With a specialist by your side, you can embark on a carefree vacation, confident that every aspect of your journey has been thoughtfully planned and curated to provide you with a memorable and fulfilling cruise experience.

With so many Cruise Companies vying for this ever increasing number of passengers, each claiming to be the best option in the Budget, First Class or Deluxe categories, it has becomes quite difficult for travelers to know which is the best Cruise Company, Cruise Ship, Destination or Itinerary FOR THEM! Without years of experience and the knowledge and access to information that those years bring, consumers run the risk of paying more than they need to, or getting less than they expected to!

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So, please, look around, get some ideas, and whenever you feel ready for some assistance, simply fill out the Quote Request Form below.

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